About Shawn

Shawn is a natural wellness practitioner serving the Sacramento area since 2010. She founded her practice on the principle that we are our own best healer. Our ability to heal ourselves comes from our individual connection to the science and wisdom of Nature. When we follow the voice within our bodies we can shift into alignment and not only heal our bodies but our mind and spirit as well. Her work helps you strengthen and validate your own connection and your own healing process.

Shawn is a practitioner of a growing number of disciplines. She is a state certified massage practitioner, certified Energy Medicine practitioner and certified Divine Spark Method Healing practitioner. She has extensively studied and practices energy medicine, Reiki, herbalism and is a Young Living Essential oils expert and distributor. She offers massage, energy healing, intuitive guidance, group meditation, ionic foot bath detox sessions and natural wellness workshops. Her life’s desire is to continue deepening and expanding her knowledge, awareness, and connection with Nature/Source.


  • CA State Certified Massage Practitioner CAMTC# 9285

  • Certified Practitioner of the “Divine Spark Method” of healing: and currently an active Steward and Healing Practitioner in the Divine Spark healing clinics in the Sacramento area.

  • Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner